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My Ministry and Calling 

Radiant Hope is the organization that God called me to lead, born out of impossible circumstances. Radiant Hope’s mission is to support and encourage those whose lives have been impacted by cancer. We were established  in 2015 and became an established 501(c)3 when I was the first recipient of a HOPE package. A stranger states away prayed over and sent me an encouraging package. It was this day that started the vision for Radiant Hope. It's a story of God's faithfulness, in a servant listening to a nudge to do one small thing, that turned in a ministry that is reaching thousands. 

I believe God has always been pursuing my heart, molding me, and preparing me for this. It would take near impossible, close to death, and through much suffering to get to where I am today.  Radiant Hope is a gift given to me. I believe some of the purpose of the cancer journey I had to endure was so that God could use me to love people and encourage them to press into God in the midst of their own suffering not absent from it. 

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