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Beauty Counter's mission is to get safe products in the hands of everyone. My own experience with stage 3 melanoma skin cancer had caused me to make several life changes. There is so much to learn and although I am no expert I do know the tide is turning and thousands of people are wanting more and better options to support their wellness journey. I would love to help you on this part of your wellness  journey. This is a small part, but an important part, of everyones wellness journey. 


Mom First

More and more I'm making choices that not only effect me but directly influence my three girls.  I want to teach my girls to choose wisely.


Friend Second

A week doesn't go by without someone asking me an opinion on products, especially sunscreen. I have done years now of research and  have learned the importance of taking care of your skin. I love sharing with friends the knowledge I have found. 

New Flowers

Consultant Last

I'm here to educate and help. It's not my job to decide for you, or benefit from you. It's my passion to help you make a better and more healthy change. 

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