Inspiring Change

Mission and Calling

I am passionate about people, relationships, loving others, and walking through pain and suffering with those hurting in our world. Finding my calling has been a beautiful and captivating story of walking through this. 


I believe that God’s goodness and love is unchanging, that he is the same in the blessings of life and the same in the suffering. I know He is the same yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow.


I believe he loves me, he died for me, he rose for me, his spirit lives in me, and that in eternity I will rest and praise his name.


It is my PASSION for everyone to know our hope is in what lies ahead. God has a purpose for himself in each breath we take. I've realized, on my own path to knowing God and his faithfulness, that everything in this life pales in comparison to truly knowing him.  


©2018 Joanna Dennstaedt